One of the major enemies of your garden plants is weeds. Once they grow, weeds can begin to compete with your plants for air and water. In addition to that, their roots will steal all the nutrients from the soil. This means your plants will get fewer nutrients to thrive.

Weeding is a vital gardening task that can help prevent the growth of weeds. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry we are here to help.

Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to weed your garden properly. You can also choose to hire gardening services, London company if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Use Gravel

Using mulch, landscaping stones, or gravel in your garden is a good way for you to prevent the development of weeds. These materials are natural weed deterrents. The reason for this is that they prevent the sunlight from reaching the soil and physically stop weeds from emerging.

Thus, you should consider laying ground covering sheets and applying gravel or mulch over them if you want less weeding and better weed protection.

Cut Some Weeds

A couple of weed types are very stubborn. They’re also extremely difficult to work with. These weeds have piercing foliage and prickly stems. Even if you’re wearing garden gloves, they can still prick through.

Because of this, cutting them with sharp sheers is one of the ideal weeding methods you can use. When you follow this method, you need to leave the roots untouched. After you cut the growing part of the weed, the weed won’t get enough sunlight. Thus, it will die on its own.

Weed When the Soil is Soft and Wet

If you want to make your life easier when weeding, you should do it when the soil is wet and soft. Loamy, well-drained, and damp soil is very easy to work with compared to compressed and dense soil.

If the soil is soft and wet, it’s easy to pull weeds from their roots. You won’t need a lot of effort to do it. Because of this, the ideal time to do a weeding is after you water the garden or after a rainy day.

Use the Correct Tools

You might think that the only way to remove weeds is to use your bare hands. However, that is not the case at all.

Using your bare hands to remove weeds is also not ideal since you might not be able to properly remove the entire weed.

The ideal way of weeding is to utilize protective gear and gardening tools. Aside from speeding up the process, you can also do the job properly.

Some of the tools you need for gardening include:

Grip-and-pull weeder

Long-handled hoe

Angled hand hoe

Hook neck weeder

Claw rake

Hand shovel

Garden gloves

Keep in mind that you don’t need every single of the tools mentioned above at the same time. You can choose the tool that matches your weeding style. This depends on whether you prefer to do weeding kneeling or standing.