Mildred S Hanson, MD
710 East 24th Street
Suite 403
Minneapolis, MN       55404
1-877-870-1334 (toll-free)

Gentle, trusted, and experienced care by FRIENDLY FEMALE STAFF AND PHYSICIANS.
We pride ourselves on personal and individual care and pain management.

This medical office provides:

Abortion Services:
First and second trimester abortions: up to 20 weeks LMP.
Early medical abortion using 'RU 486' - The Abortion Pill.
IUD insertion available at time of abortion
Long acting progestin - Depo-Provera
Laparoscopic sterilization
Birth control pills
NuvaRing - once a month contraceptive
Other Gynecological Services:
Pap Smears
Annual Checkups
Laser and LEEP treatment of cervical dysplasia
New HPV immunization, Gardasil

We are located just south of downtown Minneapolis with easy access to freeways and to the airport.

Saturday appointments available.

We accept
Cash (USD)
Many Insurance plans, including:
Minnesota Medical Assistance
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
United Health Care
Sorry we do not accept any checks, personal or otherwise and payment is required at time of service.
Please call (612) 870-1334 for an appointment and additional information.

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