Are you planning to plant a tree this spring? Do you want to boost the look of your yard this year? Well, before you hire tree loppers Perth or start planting trees, there are a couple of vital things that you’ve got to know to guarantee the best life for your trees. 

Today, we are going to share with you a couple of spring tree planting tips: 

Do Not Be Scared to Contact an Arborist 

You should always contact a professional arborist if you want to get rid of old trees before planning new ones or if you are worried about your tree’s health. These professionals provide 24-hour emergency tree services, tree removal services, and tree maintenance and care services.  

Know How Frequent You Should Water the Trees 

Freshly-planted and new trees need more water to thrive compared to old trees. To help preserve moisture, you can layer mulch on the soil that surrounds your tree’s base. This will also enable the root system of the tree to form itself. You should regularly check the soil around the tree. Whenever you notice that it is too dry, you should water it right away. This will help them stay clumped together. However, you should also avoid over-watering the tree. The reason for this is that the roots can drown and die before they are able to establish properly. 

Think About the Roots When Planting This Spring 

The roots of the tree would spread and nurture after you plant the tree. This will help the roots reach the nutrients and water they require to thrive. You can help your tree achieve this by digging a huge hole to plant your tree in. You’ve got to ensure that the hole is twice as big as the root ball of the tree. Also, you need to pack the soil loosely around the tree. This will help the roots to spread with ease.  

Do Not Plant a Tree Late Spring 

There are many species of trees that survive whenever you plant them in the spring. However, there are a couple of them that do better when you plant them in the fall. For instance, evergreen and maple trees are better when you plant them after the summer. In addition to that, you might be better off waiting until the fall if the spring season is almost done by the time you are able to start planting trees. The heat of the summer season can be extremely deadly on freshly-planted trees.  

Choose the Right Place 

It is ideal to choose the right location to plant your tree. The reason for this is that tree species have various needs whenever it comes to how much space they need to grow, the type of soil they grow best in, and the amount of sunlight they obtain. Pick which places in your lawn you would like to plant trees. After that, you can pick a species of trees that are appropriate to the soil and the sunlight in that place. Keep this in mind.